Registration is Essential!

DATE: Mar 16th 2016
TIME: 17:30
PLACE: St Paul's Creative Centre, 200 Pulteney Street, Adelaide 5000

You are invited to TechJam, the world’s first developer community for software & hardware developers, designers and algorithm experts, to collaborate with music industry businesses and individuals.

Creative expression is the heart of the music industry, however technology is the principal driver of music business. Both are needed, and whether you are a creative or a technologist, this event is for you.

Are you an algorithm expert? The music industry is driven by algorithms and it’s a big industry in which you can play a part.
Are you a creative looking to become a bigger part of the industry? Connect with the technology you need.
Are you a developer or designer with the skills and ideas to contribute? This is your chance.

TechJam, a new cutting edge community for South Australia, is an initiative of Musitec, the worlds first music focussed industry cluster. Musitec is an independent not for profit company, seeded by funding from the Government of South Australia. Musitec's sole purpose is to bring together and support the music industry, building local, national and global opportunities for creatives and technologists alike.

Ground zero is Adelaide South Australia, and TechJam is one of our vehicles to help you create and grow businesses, not merely to participate within, but to help you lead parts of the industry. 

Each TechJam meeting will bring together professionals with a desire to get involved in commercial collaborative projects. Bring your own project, or your dream, and a willingness to collaborate.


Registration is essential!


Why here? Why now?

Last year we hosted a number of TechJam events, including the CONNECTED MUSIC CITY CHALLENGE. Throughout the year we engaged 11 organisations, two of which are about to reach commercialisation - others who have formed partnerships and are on the way to success!

South Australia has always been a key developer of tech talent that has not only had significant impact on local businesses, but in many cases our talent has created, developed and delivered world leading products and services. South Australia has also punched well above its weight in the music industry with many of our creatives reaching international recognition. TechJam brings together this pool of amazing talent to create businesses that will lead international markets, create jobs, and build a creative future for South Australia. Now, more than ever, the time is right to use our collective creative horsepower to create world leading businesses.

Proudly brought to you by Musitec, IBM, Fresh 92.7, Majoran, Start Me Up Adelaide and Made in Katana.